Thursday, June 16, 2011

ESPN: Nats don't count as part of the DC sports scene

The Washington Nationals are not part of the DC sports scene according to a report from ESPN The Magazine.

Recently, the magazine released its Ultimate Team Rankings, ranking all professional sport franchises in America from 1-122 in a variety of categories. Overall, the Nationals ranked 78th, but where does that rank among the franchises in the DC/Baltimore area?

Well, according to this chart, they don't.

One day, it's likely Nationals fans will be able to look back at this slight, and all the other embarrassments the Nats have suffered over the years (self inflicted and otherwise) and laugh at how trivial these mistakes appear to be.

Today, is not that day, though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nats draft a bigot?

The 2011 first year player draft has just concluded, and it appears as if the Washington Nationals may have drafted a bigot with their 15th round pick.

Zachary Houchins, an infielder from Louisburg College in North Carolina has a problem. He just can't seem to avoid expressing his thoughts on Twitter.

For most people that's not really a problem, but for Houchins who goes by @zachhouchins, saying what's on his mind is a big problem.

What exactly is young Mr. Houchins saying that is so damning? Well, don't take my word for it... read Zach's tweets and judge for yourself.

Here's just a sampling of Houchins tweets...

Endearing, isn't he?

How quaint, bigotry and cheating in the same tweet!

Ok, then.

I don't know Zach, I just don't know.

That sounds really unsanitary.

Too late.