Monday, June 14, 2010

The Rise of Justin Bloxom

1B/DH Justin Bloxom

Justin Bloxom, the Nationals 11th round pick in 2009 is finally starting to flash some power for the Hagerstown Suns.

Bloxom, a 6'1" switch hitting 1B/DH was quietly having a solid season in his first go-around of the South Atlantic League; coming into June, Bloxom was hitting a respectable .295/.350/.392/.742 with 15 2B's and 2 3B's in 196 AB's.

Then the calendar hit June 1, and Bloxom took off.

In 49 AB's, Bloxom has posted the following line: .348/.375/.652/1.027 with 2 HR's, 6 2B's and 1 3B. His ISO power for the month is a whopping .304, that is just insane!

Obviously we're dealing with an extremely small sample size, but its nice to see a minor leaguer within the Nats system (not named Norris) actually hitting the ball with authority.

Bloxom is only 22, and is playing with players his own age... so to see these strides in recent days is a very positive sign. I don't think we're dealing with a legit prospect on the rise in Bloxom, but what's not to say that he couldn't reach a ceiling of bench bat/pinch hitter in the coming years?

Whatever the case, Justin Bloxom is a Nationals minor leaguer that is succeeding; I think that's something we all can be excited about.

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