Friday, July 9, 2010

Nationals Production Chart - Week 4

Weekly update... Nationals added over 9 million dollars in team 'value' this week. Zimmerman has jumped in front of Willingham as the leader in 'value' provided to the Nationals. Ian Desmond makes an apperance in the Top 5 after a decent week with the bat.

Week 4 Production Chart

Top 5 players in term of value
1. Ryan Zimmerman 8,250,000
2. Josh Willingham 7,800,000
3. Livan Hernandez 5,700,000
4. Tyler Clippard 3,899,000
5. Ian Desmond 2,800,000

1 comment:

  1. Where does Strasburg fall into this? Does all of the ticket sales related to his starts get to count toward his value provided? Because I think it should!

    I'm surprised Adam Dunn isn't up there. You might have to explain to me how this works, again. I do like seeing Zimmerman & Hammer up there, though!