Friday, July 23, 2010

Nationals Production Chart - Week 5

After a week off due to the all-star game I'm back with the weekly production chart.
Tons of movement in the Top 5 this week. Livo adding a ton of value and Stammen and Strasburg make their debuts.

Week 5 Production Chart

Top 5 players in terms of value
1. Ryan Zimmerman 9,650,000
2. Livan Hernandez 8,600,000 (This all depends on Livo's contract. I'm assuming vet min.)
3. Josh Willingham 7,400,000
4. Stephen Strasburg 5,225,000
5. Craig Stammen 3,498,000

Top 5 in negative value (i.e. what they'd owe the team)
1. Jason Marquis -8,600,000
2. Cristian Guzman -5,300,000*
3. Miguel Batista -3,300,000
4. Wil Nieves -3,000,000
5. Brian Bruney -2,300,000

* - Guzman hasn't played that terribly this year, its just the fact that he has a massive contract that really brings his value down.

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